Life Insurance
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Life insurance is the cornerstone of all financial planning:  This is what most clients with families and mortgages need to have to replace their income if something, God forbid, should happen to them.  It prevents having to make a forced sale of the home you worked hard for, cashing in your savings and/or RRSP’s and takes off the unnecessary stress of not having insurance in place.  It is also the most inexpensive way to replace your income and protect your family as well as your assets.

There are many types of insurance addressing different needs at different stages in life.  There is  Term insurance, Universal life insurance and Whole life insurance.  All of these are offered through our company and at all insurance companies;  you can therefore trust us to match up the coverage you need with the insurance carrier that is best for you at a price that fits your budget.

A Complete Needs Analysis of your individual situation will be done to tailor-make your insurance coverage plan or strategy.

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